EIS & VCT Showcase: Interview with Kealan Doyle

Earlier this year, together with seven other leading fund managers, Symvan participated in Intelligent Partnership's first EIS & VCT showcase event, held at the London Stock Exchange. An audience of 60 financial advisers networked with and heard from the fund managers. The showcase format allowed advisers to compare multiple VCT & EIS investment solutions in the space of one morning, and gave managers the opportunity to pitch their investment strategies directly to IFAs.

Government reform of tax reliefs

Kealan Doyle, co-founder of Symvan Capital was part of a recent delegation that met with the Treasury where the following issues were raised. How valuable EIS is to the British economy. How the Treasury is focused on fostering tax efficient investing in certain key sectors such as technology. Kealan was interviewed about these developments by the Mail on Sunday and featured in this article: "Government set to launch a reform of tax breaks for investors who back entrepreneurs". The Treasury is spreading a message which, in simple terms, could be described as a warning to those who engage in 'pseudo-property plays' rather than that for which EIS was intended. The Treasury has noted that i

B.heard unveil first national 'billboard conversation'

B.heard, an investee of Symvan Capital's SEIS and EIS funds, today premieres the first-ever ‘billboard conversation’ campaign, deliberately designed to stimulate participation and conversation. With thought-provoking national and local issues brought to life by legendary ad man Sir John Hegarty. Starting in the city of Glasgow, these are the first billboards to be launched in a series of city rollouts that will be seen popping up all over the country. Click here to download today's full press release. B.heard is the UK’s first values comparison site, focused on using public opinion to bring about real change. It rewards companies and organisations – from banks to energy suppliers - that are

The Chancellor, Symvan and the Productivity Puzzle

The folks at Symvan were watching the budget yesterday with no preconceived expectations, but we were slightly surprised that the Chancellor did not continue a long-standing attack on pensions, which has been a bit of a sport of late. It is worth noting that there were no changes to tax-efficient investing in this budget. However, there were two points of interest for those interested in divining future developments concerning EIS and VCT investing and it is quite possible that we will see more action on this front in the autumn. The first point of interest involves the Chancellor in the role of the economist and the other in his role as the accountant. To judge strictly by the hea

EIS Technology Investing - The Client Suitability Test

As the end of the tax year approaches, wealth managers across the UK are working with their investing clients on anything and everything to do with tax. Products as diverse as pensions, ISA wrappers and EIS/VCT funds are under the spotlight. Even ahead of this week’s budget, the clear direction of traffic over the past few years has been most decidedly away from pensions and moving increasingly to VCT and EIS funds. In recent weeks, VCT funds have closed to new investors in a mad rush ahead of 5th April and it is looking like a bumper year for EIS funds as well. It is not yet certain whether we are witnessing the ‘new normal’ for investors who are seeking to minimise the tax they pay to t


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