Carry back with SEIS or EIS?

Earlier this month I received a call from my IFA to arrange an appointment to meet during February. Like so many others in my position, it's the expected call ahead of the end of the tax year where we meet to review objectives and tasks for the year ahead. For many, it also leads to a reminder to make sure we’ve considered maximising our annual ISA allowance, review pension allocations, and for those that are familiar and regular investors in EIS and SEIS funds, to review how much tax relief could be claimed against income tax or any CGT liability. At this point, I feel compelled to point out, especially as he’s probably reading this, that my IFA contacts me throughout the year and doesn’t

Exeter - Lessons in Disruption

Symvan was one of eight fund managers presenting in Sandy Park, Exeter on 5th December on the joys of tax-efficient fund investing. Upon arriving at Exeter station, I was waiting for a connecting local train with my colleague, Spencer Krett, when we noticed something quite extraordinary, which was a plaque/poster located at the spot where a young Allen Lane decided to found Penguin books in 1934 after having visited his friend Agatha Christie (see picture). With an insight that would be emulated by many entrepreneurs since, he realised that there was a crying need for a high-quality and innovative product (i.e. paperback books) at a suitably low price that everyone could afford. The spirit

Symvan launches third SEIS fund

Symvan Capital is proud to announce the launch of its third SEIS fund – the Symvan Technology SEIS Fund 3. The Fund will be raising ca £1.5 million to invest into SEIS qualifying technology businesses over the next 18 months, continuing the investment strategy of Symvan's previous two SEIS funds. At Symvan Capital, we enter into each SEIS investment with the aim of applying our Life Cycle Approach. We conduct stringent due diligence even at this early stage, because we are looking for future industry winners. We will not invest in a company unless it can demonstrate the potential to return ten times our investment within a reasonable time frame. In recent years, Symvan Capital has become a


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