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Cognisess shakes the recruitment market

Humans hire people in their own image, but can machines do any better?


Cognisess, an investee company of Symvan's SEIS and EIS funds, was featured in yesterday's print edition of the Financial Times. The article, titled "Every facial tic is a clue to the computer recruiter", explains how Cognisess has helped InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) gain insights about their talent potential from their future leaders.

Cognisess is a predictive people analytics company. The Cognisess SaaS platform uses cognitive neuroscience and machine learning to help solve recruitment challenges and to better select, recruit and manage talent.

Click here for the online version.

Symvan initally seeded Cognisess in May 2015 after following the company closely in the days and months following their Demo Day appearance at Microsoft’s Accelerator program. Cognisess is one of several companies that was seeded by Symvan and then went on to raise follow-on funding from EIS investors and Symvan's EIS fund to further grow the business.

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