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ARuVR’s 3rd annual L&D Summit

On 13th June more than 150 L&D professionals and partners joined ARuVR to hear from existing customers including: BAE Systems, Five Guys, Mintra and the City, University of London on how they are implementing Extended Reality (XR) technology into their existing L&D work flows to streamline, improve and motivate learners across a range of industries and sectors.

“Wow it’s hot” and it wasn’t the amazing weather, but ARuVR's technology that was getting attendees excited at their 3rd annual L&D Summit in partnership with The Learning Network hosted last week at the amazing City, University of London campus.

Words don’t really do the event justice, so here’s a video highlight reel of some of the attendees feedback.

Over 200 ARuVR® XR learning demos were delivered during the four hours of the Summit across many sectors including; Transport, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Construction, Retail, Energy, Maritime and Finance to name just a few.


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