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Contxt - a Finalist in DSIT Most Innovative Cyber SME Competition 2023

Contxt, a portfolio company of the Symvan Technology SEIS Fund 3, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Department of Science, Information and Technology (DSIT) Most Innovative Cyber SME Competition 2023, in partnership with Infosecurity Europe. This marks a significant milestone in their journey, further validating our commitment to revolutionising API security.

Contxt is one of fourteen innovative and creative information security businesses recognised for their ability to develop advanced technologies designed to tackle the cybersecurity challenges of the future. The finalists, selected by a panel of cybersecurity experts, span a myriad of solutions and services addressing an array of common and evolving threats.

A Testament to Innovation and Excellence

Mayur Upadhyaya, CEO of Contxt, expressed, "This prestigious recognition is a testament to our innovative approach in addressing API security. Our leadership team, with a decade's experience in identity and novel authorization products, is particularly excited as this award truly exemplifies the adjacency between identity, privacy, and API security. This acknowledgement will undoubtedly enhance our credibility, raise awareness about our unique product, and open up new opportunities for growth and collaboration within the cybersecurity ecosystem."

A Comprehensive Solution to API Security

"Our solution to API security is centred around leaky API discovery and remediation. We focus on a layered API security approach that spans from infrastructure and basic edge monitoring to multi-cloud and sophisticated telemetry at the application level. This comprehensive strategy significantly improves the API security posture of businesses, addressing misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, data flow configurations, and regulatory headwinds like FAPI 2 and Schrems II," added Upadhyaya.

Democratising API Security

"We believe in democratizing API security, making it accessible to all companies regardless of their size or stage of API security maturity. This crawl-walk-run approach allows faster implementation while addressing common pain points for architects, engineering managers, and compliance stakeholders. As part of our commitment to API security, we offer a free tier, a practice that sets a new precedent in the cybersecurity landscape," said Upadhyaya.

Contxt will join the Cyber Innovation Zone at Infosecurity Europe 2023, which is taking place on 20-22 June 2023 at ExCeL London. Mayur Upadhyaya will be speaking at two sessions, "Democratising API Security" and "Layered API Security", shedding light on their innovative approach to API security.


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