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EIS Navigator Podcast: How governance enables startup growth and how to start it well

Governance is all too often seen in startup companies as a chore, or necessary evil, when it is really a positive and will enable success. Brian Hardman, host of the EIS Navigator Podcast, talks to Dermot Campbell, founder of SEEIO (an investee company of Symvan's SEIS and EIS funds) who is bringing more of the latter to the venture world. In this episode, he discusses how startups can enable good governance without spending too much time on it and make it a means to the right end rather than an end in itself.

Dermot covers a lot of areas, including:

  • What is governance;

  • The importance of maintaining stakeholder relationships;

  • When startups should start introducing governance structures;

  • How governance should lead growth;

  • Who should take the lead on board creation;

  • The role of fund managers;

  • Good preparation for board meetings;

  • Building effective board agendas;

  • The value in identifying risks;

  • Setting up risk assessments and how these can lead to key objectives;

  • How to generate relevant KPIs;

  • How to translate a business plan into something useful;

  • Generating the right board;

  • The common mistakes made by founders;

  • The rise of ESG and how it is different in startups from quoted companies.

Whether you are a founder looking to put governance into place or an investor helping or wanting a company to do it, this is an essential discussion.

Listen to the episode here:

Dermot Campbell is an experienced fintech leader, known for founding Kuber Ventures and building it up to be a key player in the alternative investment platform sector. As CEO of SEEIO, he is transforming corporate governance for startup and scaleup SMEs. His expertise spans wealth management, financial planning, and navigating regulatory environments. Prior to becoming a startup founder, Dermot was a Chartered Wealth Manager and in his early career he was an airline pilot.


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