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VRtuoso to support BT & University of Glasgow on 5G AR/VR Applications

  • Controlling football crowds and helping train technical staff among 5G-based applications being looked at in AR/VR tie-up with University of Glasgow.

BT is expanding an R&D tie-up on 5G‑equipped augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications with the University of Glasgow.

The two organisations have partnered to run two AR/VR‑focused development projects, with one centring on “immersive”, remote training and teaching, and the other on wayfinding.

The former project aims to use AR/VR to “teleport” users and allow them to be instructed, remotely, on how to operate complex devices. It also involves VRtuoso, an investee company of Symvan's SEIS and EIS funds, providing a VR‑based training tool as part of its existing commercial relationship with BT.

The second — which is still being “worked on”, according to Professor Muhammad Imran, Professor of Communication Systems at the University — involves using AR to guide visitors in busy areas. It appears currently focused on University facilities but could be an “excellent tool” for crowd management at large conferences and football matches, said Professor Imran.

For full story visit Double dose of reality for BT in Glasgow R&D link-up by BTwatch News.


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