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Why SEIS May Be A Key Foundational Piece of FounderTech

Listen to Symvan Capital's Amrit Sami being interviewed on the FounderTech Decoded podcast, diving into and taking the time to understand and explore the human aspects of the early stage founder investor relationship. Amrit is focused on identifying and evaluating pre-seed SEIS investments for the venture fund.

Listen to the full episode.

  • Why SEIS itself is a shining example of innovative FounderTech, that we in the UK should be proud of and actually celebrate more than we do.

  • An innovation that’s helped stimulate many pre-seed investments and make this initial difficult phase of the early stage startup journey much easier over the last decade since it’s been introduced.

  • How SEIS capital is best suited to demonstrate a Founder Market Fit, that enables an early stage founder to navigate and traverse that difficult pre-revenue and pre-product phase.

  • How as a founder, demonstrably showing a market authority and thought leadership driven expertise, accompanied by an ongoing deep curiosity around your sector, is hugely important to initially providing critical further data points. Subsurface cues that can help propel you from the pitch deck into a more nuanced level playing field conversation with an investor.

  • An open dialogue where you can then be evaluated by more human metrics and dynamics and whether you can then take an investor on a compelling journey with you.

  • That this is the aligned richer conversation that smart forward thinking investors might now want to use FounderTech platforms to help better enable, evaluate and engage in. To accelerate and quickly determine if they are right for you as much as you are for them!


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