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Only prodigy companies need apply

What do we want in founders?

At Symvan we look for authentic founders.

We don't want those who merely make a list of good ideas and then pick one.


We prefer people who have actually experienced a problem,

thought about it, and then solved it.

Our founders have passion and vision.  Therefore, they are able to attract like minded talent

and improve the chances of huge success.

Lots of businesses have potential to show modest growth.

We avoid these.


Instead we focus on those that have very high growth potential

and so we might only make a handful of investments a year.

All investors undertake in-depth due diligence.  

However at Symvan we adopt an approach that goes much further.


Apart from the normal questions one expects, 

we insist on the following:

  • Can they disrupt rather than pursue just marginal gains?

  • Is there potential to create a new category?

  • Do they genuinely want and welcome connections, advice, and mentoring... or just the money?

  • Are they passionate? Are they consumers of their own offering?

  • Are they honest about what they can't do? Are they willing to find a way to plug the gaps?

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