There are no rules other than to encourage, challenge, and unleash the entrepreneur

Shareholder Involvement

Technology as an agent of change for good.

Everything is always changing. The speed of change is increasing. 

So, everyone involved must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


We support and sometimes push the founders.

We don't have a prescribed methodology or formula that we try to impose.

There are no rules other than to encourage, challenge, and unleash the entrepreneur.


Our view is that this will allow them to break new ground and create the right growth formula for themselves. A lot of people are looking for the rules to follow.  

This is not right for Symvan.  


We want companies that will constantly challenge and rewrite the rules. 

We have board representation on each and every company we have invested in.

Naturally, like others, we attend board meetings and read their progress reports.


But we go further:

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