What would a Corbyn-led Labour Government Mean for Tax-Advantaged Investing?

This was not even a question that was taken seriously until the election debacle of 2017. It could be argued that Labour’s Election Manifesto was not properly costed by independent economic analysts because the election seemed a foregone conclusion, with the Conservatives seemingly about to coast to victory with a 20% opinion poll lead over Labour. We all know what happened next – the Tories scraped through the election with a narrow minority government (supported by the DUP), and the previously perilous position of Jeremy Corbyn was transformed into a position of strength, silencing the most audible criticism of his leadership within the Labour party. With the Conservative party tearing t

Symvan in The Times

The EIS market has long been characterised by relatively poor investment performance and high fees, which are two sides of the same investment coin. As the Finance Bill receives Royal Assent this week, the focus of the market will move to growth companies as the 'asset-backed' market is effectively retired. In an article entitled “Stop paying too much for funds” in The Times (Saturday, 10 March 2018), Annabelle Williams makes a case for advisers to be aware of the impact of fees on investor performance. This has been an issue with the FCA for all of 2017 and promises to have similar prominence throughout 2018. The Times has quoted Kealan Doyle, co-founder of Symvan Capital, as Annabell

Symvan on the Adviser Hour with GrowthInvest

GrowthInvest, the tax efficient investment platform for advisers and high net worth and sophisticated investors, is delighted to present, together with Capital Connections, the GrowthInvest Adviser Hour. The show’s anchor and presenter for the series is the well-respected industry figure Lawrence Gosling. . This CPD qualifying episode - Better Understanding the Risk - features a panel discussion with Kealan Doyle of Symvan Capital, James Faulkner of Oxford Capital, Dr Brian Moretta of Hardman&Co, and Tony Catt, Compliance Consultant at TC Compliance Services. Click here to access the on demand webinar.


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