Post Budget Reaction

Yesterday’s budget was not a blockbuster budget, but this was probably to be expected given the current political and economic context. Beneath the usual media headlines, there were a few points worth noting for investors seeking tax-efficient investment solutions. Not to mention those who read my post yesterday! 1 Pensions – we thought that the Chancellor was going to fiddle with annual contributions, but he did not, perhaps because he has restricted private sector investments for some time and perhaps because he reserves this option for future budgets. Instead of reducing annual contributions from £40,000 to somewhere near £30,000 as we thought, he increased the Lifetime Allowance slight

The Budget: What Could It Mean For Tax-Efficient Investors and Wealth Managers?

It has recently been mentioned that Monday’s budget has been moved back two days from its original Wednesday date so as not to interfere with Halloween celebrations, and the gift that might offer to news publications exploring the budget for tricks and/or treats, the lighting of bonfires, or even the appearance of a ghost. It is also perhaps fitting that the UK government is seeking to avoid a conflict with a day whose origins come from a pagan Celtic festival, given the mess that this government has gotten itself into with Northern Ireland and the Brexit fiasco. Yet for private client investors, this budget will not be as momentous as last year’s affair, which dramatically recast the entir

Interview with Nicholas Nicolaides

Nicholas Nicolaides, co-founder and investment manager at Symvan Capital, explains the origins of Symvan, their ethos and approach to early stage VC investing, balancing risk/reward, starting with SEIS and then followed by EIS.


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