EIS & VCT Showcase: Interview with Kealan Doyle

Kealan Doyle recently discussed Symvan Capital's tax-efficient funds with Intelligent Partnership's Guy Tolhurst at the EIS & VCT Showcase at the London Stock Exchange. As Symvan Capital has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, Kealan discusses the company’s first exit. He explains Symvan’s approach to deployment and potential sector diversification prospects and future developments at Symvan.

Interview with Kealan Doyle

Kealan Doyle, co-founder and investment manager at Symvan Capital, spoke to Wealth Club's Alex Davies in Q4 2018 on the origins of Symvan, their ethos and approach to early stage VC investing, Symvan's lifecycle approach, and examples of recent investments.

Latest MJ Hudson Allenbridge Report on Symvan's EIS Fund now available

MJ Hudson Allenbridge have published their latest review on the Symvan Technology EIS Fund. A copy of the report can be downloaded here. For further information or to discuss this report in more detail please contact us on +44 (0)20 3011 5097 or email info@symvancapital.com.


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