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EIS: Managing the risks

Symvan is delighted to co-sponsor a primer published by the EIS Association entitled EIS: Managing the risks.

The new risk/reward balance of the EIS landscape poses challenges for anyone interested in tax-advantaged investments - wealth managers and investors alike.

This excellent guide explains how the wealth management and IFA community can integrate the latest industry developments into client portfolio management.

In our view, the recent changes, which sprung out of the Patient Capital Review at the end of 2017, are good news for the industry. Along with the sharper definition of EIS and SEIS, we believe it now provides a welcome opportunity to move assets out of relatively poor-performing EIS and VCT vehicles into those which were genuinely created in the spirit of of venture capital investing.

We believe that these higher risk investments should result in higher performance within a shorter time frame.

Click here to download your copy.

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