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Symvan leads £1m investment in Neotas - a digital intelligence business

Symvan Capital is pleased to announce the £1m fundraising for Neotas, a ‘digital intelligence’ business which provides enhanced due diligence and HR screening.

The investment round is led by Symvan Capital with investments from both its technology focused SEIS and EIS funds. The round also includes investments from Force Over Mass and angel investors.

Neotas analyses individuals’ ‘digital trails’ to provide deeper insights into their background, behaviour and networks. The service enables investors and employers to screen key personnel, safeguard their investments, mitigate against fraud and insider threats and evidence compliance standards.

Neotas’ advanced digital intelligence platform, which is operated by former military and intelligence analysts, leverages open source intelligence (OSINT). This includes analysis of international records, social media and the deep and dark web – information which is openly available but mostly cannot be found via search engines.

The funding will allow Neotas to further develop its platform and technology, expand its team of advanced analysts and step up its sales and marketing operation.

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