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Symvan investee UnderPinned partners with Starling Bank

Starling Bank has today announced that it is partnering with Underpinned to make life easier for its SME customers and freelancers.

UnderPinned, an investee of Symvan's technology funds, is providing Starling business account holders and sole traders with an even quicker, slicker sign up to its freelance management portal. It includes tools to create contracts, find new projects, track deadlines and store contacts.

Starling CEO and founder, Anne Boden said: “Today’s entrepreneurs have grown accustomed to operating in a world where digital services are crafted around their particular needs. They expect the services they are offered to match closely with their business types, locations, and customer demographics.

“We believe that the Starling Business Marketplace is exceptionally well-suited to meeting such expectations, by giving businesses access to a range of services within the app they use for their everyday banking.”

UnderPinned gives the UK’s 2 million freelance workers in-app access to its Virtual Office, providing digital tools to design high quality portfolios, proposals and to create e-contracts.

UnderPinned CEO and Co-Founder, Albert Azis-Clauson, said: “UnderPinned exists to help freelancers build sustainable and fulfilling careers and by joining the Starling Marketplace, we’ll be able to improve the working lives of thousands more freelancers through our online platform.

“We’re building a very different kind of business, with innovation and customer experience at its core, and we’re confident that this natural synergy will lead to a long-lasting and fruitful partnership.”

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