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Custodiex joins PwC's Scale program

PwC launched the latest iteration of its Scale program this month which links large organizations with startups, or in this case scale-ups.

Digital asset custody provider Custodiex, an investee company of Symvan's SEIS and EIS funds, is one of 11 startups from 700 companies screened in the tokenization and digital asset space. PwC collaborated with GrowthBuilders to provide support including for sales and marketing.

Custodiex's patented true cold storage platform for digital assets and its generic digital key vault is unique in its ability to combine the most cyber-secure, true air-gapped technology with real-time accessibility, high-volume, high-velocity processing speed and infinite scalablity. The solution can be consumed fully automated through an API and is easy to integrate, interoperable and both blockchain and asset agnostic. Custodiex can be integrated as part of the digital asset ecosystem for large financial services infrastructure.


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