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B.heard champions personal data empowerment as new HAT provider


The HAT Foundation announced today that B.heard, the consumer champion platform that collects and actions public opinion, will become the latest organisation to start using HATs to give its customers transparency over the full information that companies have on them, as a new HAT Service Provider. The companies on B.heard’s platform, from utility companies and loyalty cards to healthcare providers, will now be able to help people to understand what elements of their personal data are the most valuable.

The HAT (Hub of All Things) is a new kind of data exchange infrastructure that’s designed to give control over personal data back to the individual. It privately stores customer information in a micro-server that’s accessible only to customers themselves, allowing organisations to be compliant with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. Unlike a data containment service, every HAT is entirely owned by the individual whose data is being stored.

B.heard is a portfolio company of the Symvan Technology SEIS Fund 2 and the Symvan Technology EIS Fund.

Click here for the full press release.

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