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B.heard unveil first national 'billboard conversation'


B.heard, an investee of Symvan Capital's SEIS and EIS funds, today premieres the first-ever ‘billboard conversation’ campaign, deliberately designed to stimulate participation and conversation.

With thought-provoking national and local issues brought to life by legendary ad man Sir John Hegarty. Starting in the city of Glasgow, these are the first billboards to be launched in a series of city rollouts that will be seen popping up all over the country.

Click here to download today's full press release.

B.heard is the UK’s first values comparison site, focused on using public opinion to bring about real change. It rewards companies and organisations – from banks to energy suppliers - that are doing things well, and helps improve those organisations doing things badly, by informing them of how they need to change. This campaign forms a part of its wider strategy to provide true freedom of choice for customers based on the things they find valuable. Oscar Vickerman, Founder of B.heard, said: “We are inviting everyone to join us in being the change we hope to see in the world. That’s why we’ve created a platform for the issues that we all know are important, and have kicked this off in the streets of one of the leading cities in the UK. “People from all walks of life will come across our first-ever ‘conversation billboards’, and we invite you to become a part of national movement that give your thoughts and opinions a voice. #Bheard at” Sir John Hegarty, Founder of The Garage Soho (and BBH) said: “B.heard has the potential to fill a vital gap that currently exists between people and organisations. We’ve seen it with the Brexit vote, and then with Trump; every single voice matters. But somebody needs to be listening. People feel frustrated their voice isn’t being heard, now it can be. That’s why this billboard campaign is more important now than ever before, and we need every single person that wants change to join the conversation and make themselves heard.”

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